The Sycamore Tree Catholic Retreat Center

The Sycamore Tree
Catholic Retreat Center

Swan Lake, Montana


The name “Sycamore Tree” is borrowed from the 19th chapter of the Gospel of Luke where a genesis of conversion is described in the story of Zacchaeus, tax collector and searcher from Jericho, who set himself up for a meeting with Jesus by climbing a sycamore tree. (Luke 19:4)  The Sycamore Tree is a place where one goes (climbs the tree) for a deeper and more personal encounter with Christ.


the Sycamore Tree catholic Retreat Center


"The Father spoke one Word, who was His Son,
and this word He is always speaking in eternal silence.

It is in silence that the soul must hear it."

Saint John of the Cross

The Sycamore Tree Catholic Retreat Center
exists to provide solitude and silence,
where one enters into a deeper personal

encounter with Christ.

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