The Sycamore Tree Catholic Retreat Center

The Sycamore Tree
Catholic Retreat Center

Swan Lake, Montana


“This is a very blessed place.  God will do much good from here, and it will go on for a long time.”
Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR
October 2009



Sponsor a Priest or Seminarian

A “new leaf” is sprouting at The Sycamore Tree which promises to bear good fruit for the Church. The Sycamore Tree provides a secluded place of silence and solitude for prayer and renewal, which our seminarians and priests vitally need to maintain their spiritual life. Be it finances or the demands of their busy schedule, they often put off making a much-needed retreat. How to help them? Give the gift of a sponsored retreat.

With a gift certificate to The Sycamore Tree, you can sponsor a seminarian or priest for one night or as many as you like. The sponsorship can be a gift from one person or a from a group of people. It can be offered as an ordination anniversary gift, a birthday gift, or just a simple “thank you.” The suggested offering for one night with three meals provided is $75/$85 depending upon cabin. The gift certificate can be mailed to the sponsor or directly to the priest or seminarian from The Sycamore Tree.

If you would like any more information or would like to provide this gift of prayer for a priest or seminarian, please contact Michelle Jenkins, Director.

Please pray for our priests, seminarians and new priestly vocations!

“The Priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus.”
St. John Vianney

What seminarians and priests have to say about making a retreat at The Sycamore Tree:

“I have been a priest for almost 55 years and I didn’t really learn how to pray until I started coming to The Sycamore Tree ten years ago.” Priest

 “It seems that I was closer to God before I entered seminary, where we are so busy, but my time here has reawakened my relationship with Him.” Deacon

 “Can I come back and stay for 30 days?”   Priest

 “This is a place of powerful prayer!” Deacon   

 “It is so good to have a retreat house in the Diocese where we can go so we don’t have to travel.” Seminarian

“We will be back!”  ... “We feel so at home here”   Seminarian

“My retreat could not have been better.  Thank you for your warmth, friendship and for all you did to provide an atmosphere conducive for a well-lived retreat.”  Priest

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The Sycamore Tree Catholic Retreat Center
21592 Sycamore Tree Lane
Swan Lake, MT  59911


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